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We help to safely rent a property by solving all questions for the client.
All ads on our website are subject to a preliminary compliance check.
We provide free consultation even before the contract is signed.
The client chooses to use our services, we only push him in the right direction.
By trusting us, you save your time!
We make a turnkey deal.
We accompany the transaction with the client from beginning to end, helping him to make an advantageous decision at each stage.
Our employees are ready to leave for the inspection of the object at any time and provide the necessary photo/video report. Therefore, the client does not need to allocate additional time for the inspection.
We provide all necessary legal assistance
If the client has never used legal services, we provide all necessary document templates.
We go to the objects for the client
Are you familiar with such problems?
No trust in the landlord
A large number of options for apartments
It's hard to choose a convenient time
I don't know about legal issues
We check all landlords in advance, who place their ads on our site.
Our staff will select the options according to your criteria.
Your personal manager will travel to view the object, providing photo/video report.
Our lawyers will advise you in detail on each issue
How we work?
You leave an application on the site. Within 15 minutes our manager will call you back and you will choose a convenient time for your consultation.
We will sign a cooperation agreement with you, which will specify all our obligations.
Choice of options
Our company is looking for types of real estate by your criteria, which will be negotiated in advance. You can also see the list of real estate by yourself.
Object Inspection
We sort the options selected by us to verify the integrity of landlords, published photos on our site
Presentation of objects customer
Once we have checked and selected all the properties according to the client's criteria, we suggest that you review and select the top 5.
Site browsing
Then together with our clients we go to watch the top 5 properties. And we choose the final option!
Deal execution
At the end we sign all the documents. And our client moves to a new apartment!
Metro: Cupcino
34 m² - total area
16 m² - residential
9 m² - kitchen
10 floor out of 10
34 m², 1-room
Metro: Running
40 m² - total area
27 m² - residential
9 m² - kitchen
7th floor of 9
38 m², 1-room
Metro: Black River
63 m² - total area
33 m² - residential
14 m² - kitchen
11th floor of 25
63 m², 2-room
Catalog of vacant apartments
16 000 RUB
15 000 RUB
30 000 RUB
Metro: Black River
63 m² - total area
33 m² - residential
14 m² - kitchen
11th floor of 25
63 m², 2-room
Metro: Petrogradskaya
160 m² - total area
59 m² - residential
50 m² - kitchen
8th floor of 10
160 m², 4-room
Metro: Star
23 m² - total area
20 floor of 24
23 m², studio
30 000 RUB
200 000 RUB
18 000 RUB
About us in numbers.
We have been working since 2007.
Over 1,500 property options
32 employees
Over 2000 closed deals
We are a fast-growing real estate agency
- Choice of options;
- Object Inspection;
- Coordination of objects with the client;
- Signing of all necessary documents;
- Legal aid.
50 000 RUB
- Informing about housing prices and market situation;
- Providing information about real estate objects on the site.
The cost of our services
Support of transaction
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Nikolai Kovalev
Irina Kuznetsova
Tatiana Tkachenko
Feedback from our customers
In February we decided to rent an apartment and stopped at the company RealityTime. The documents are prepared by Tatiana professionally, legally competent. Thank you, for your quality approach to the selection of apartments.
I would like to say thank you to Eugene for being in constant contact if there were any smallest questions. The apartment was found in 4 days and I am very happy!
The service corresponds to the declared qualities, and it is possible to rent an apartment without leaving the house. As a result of 3 views I have chosen a suitable for me apartment. In general, the RealityTime team did a great job.
Frequently asked questions
What is the average price of an apartment for rent in Saint-Petersburg?
Prices range from 15,000 to 60,000 rubles on average.
What is the average area of apartments for rent in Saint-Petersburg?
В среднем площадь 30м2
What should the apartment rent agreement include?
— Паспортные данные;
 — Перечень прав и обязанностей каждой из сторон;
— Документы о праве собственности;
 — Размер арендной платы;
 — Особенности оплаты;
 — Количество проживающих;
 — Срок действия договора;
 — Условия повышения платы;
— Оплата коммунальных услуг;
 — Условия досрочного прекращения действия договора;
 — Опись имущества;
 — Частоту визитов собственника.

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